Avi8ted Thoughts is a subsidiary of Avi8ted Ventures, a BIPOC owned/operated impact innovation ecosystem operating at the intersection of real estate, tech, and culture as a Real Estate fund with 20% discretionary towards Private Equity/Venture. 
Avi8ted Ventures is committed to developing a social ecosystem for elevated ideas to thrive worldwide. Avi8ted Thoughts® is an ode to individuals whose thoughts and perceptions change our world for the better – through innovation, positivity, and creativity.
Founded in 2008 by Charlton Woodyard II, a Washington, DC native, our mission is to encourage universal consciousness and reverence through experiences, places, and things for the purpose of inspiring a sense of global community and responsibility. Avi8ted Thoughts® lifestyle brand is a subsidiary of Avi8ted Ventures, an impact innovation ecosystem committed to developing Avi8ted individuals, businesses, and communities so that elevated ideas to thrive worldwide.